Monday 28 November 2011

Inline Code Previews

Just pushed a build up that eliminates a minor annoyance. If you now click on an error's file and line number, you will get a popup modal that loads up the file in which the error occurred, and highlights the line at which the error occurred.

Only a minor enhancement, but let's you avoid the little dance that you have to do: Alt+Tab / Cmd+Tab to your editor, open the right file, and jump to the right line.

This is only available when the error occurs in an external JS file, since inline-scripts may be on dynamic pages and the line numbers may be off. But it shouldn't affect you because you don't write any of that dirty inline code, right? Right? :)

Sunday 13 November 2011

Announcing Paid Plans

Just announced paid plans for Errorception two days ago. I'm still getting all the machinery in place to get it to work perfectly (and so one can't really sign up for them yet), but I thought I'd get my thoughts across even before I have everything in motion.

The plans are based on resource-consumption (because I believe that artificial restrictions are meaningless), and storing and processing errors are the most resource consuming activity in Errorception. So, based on how many errors you expect to have, the pricing varies.

Pricing starts at only $14/month, so it's rather cheap, considering that you find out about problems faced by thousands of your users every day for that price. There's also a free trial so you can give it a spin without having to whip out cash first.

There are a couple of ancillary changes that deserve mention as well:
  1. Signup is now public. It was invitation based before. Now that hurdle has been removed.
  2. Signup is only open for the free trial. I hope to open up the paid plans for signup as soon as possible. I'm working hard on this.
  3. All existing projects have been moved to the most expensive plan for free, and will remain there for some more time. The benefits of being on-board early!
  4. Oh, and the site has been re-designed. Responsive too! Tell me what you think.
The pricing is not written in stone, so if you can change my mind I'm open to suggestions. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any thoughts.