Monday 16 February 2015

Comment on Errors

I've just pushed a build that lets you comment on your errors. (Finally!)

I'll admit, I've been very sceptical about adding this feature to Errorception. Thing is, this moves Errorception closer to being a bug management tool, whereas I just want it to be a bug reporting tool. You already use a bug management tool internally, and there's no point trying to replicate those features in Errorception. It only creates confusion for you.

However, there's a case to be made for leaving comments on errors within Errorception without having to put it into your bug reporting system. These are usually for when you want to leave a note for yourself and your team members, without the need to create an issue in your bug reporting system. In such a case, it could make sense to tack it along with the error in Errorception, rather than in your bug reporting system.

Building commenting systems is a complex task, and I'm certainly not considering this feature-complete. That said, the current implementation is fast, minimal, and it "just works", in the typical Errorception style. (See how I let that last bit sneak in there?)

Let me know what you think!