Monday 3 October 2011

Slides from JSFoo, Bangalore

I presented Errorception at JSFoo in Bangalore this weekend. Since I hate out-and-out product pitches, I decided to turn it on its head a bit and talk about the considerations I had in mind when taking the decisions that I did for errorception, and what it's pros and cons are. The slides is almost completely full of different error catching techniques in JavaScript. These techniques are graded on a scale I made up based on my opinions about what an error catching mechanism's characteristics should be. The scale is so brutal, even errorception doesn't get full marks. :)

View slides about error-catching techniques and how errorception works.

Overall, the talk was well received. Discussions during the talk were great, and it generated a good deal of chat after the talk. Daily signups went up 10x in the three days now since the talk. I call success!

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