Saturday 17 December 2011

Control Error Posting Better

One constant problem with Errorception is managing the huge influx of errors, because Errorception does such a good job of recording errors. (You see how I sneaked that last bit in?) We've always had automatic "muting" of possibly uninteresting errors. Some time ago, we started automatic marking bugs as duplicates, which brought down the number of errors that you had to deal with drastically.

Today, we've launched yet another feature to help reduce the number of errors you need to care about. You can find this under "Settings > Posting errors".

Allowed domains

You can now specify a white-list of domains from which you want to record errors. So, if you whitelist, errors from localhost will not be recorded. You can specify as many domains as you want - just comma-separate them. This also helps safeguard you from people who might have stolen your tracking code and are spamming you.

Ignored scripts

You can specify a black-list of paths for script files. If errors occur in script files matching this file path, such errors are not recorded. This means that you can now block your third-party scripts for example from posting errors to Errorception. So, no more do you need to get errors from the Facebook Like button, or from your Customer Support chat widget.

Also, as a bonus, if the errors are ignored due to any of the reasons above, such errors will not count against your rate limit. This gives you more room every day to record the errors you really care about.

Lesser errors = happier developer, right?

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