Monday 2 July 2012

Announcing Multi-User Support

This post is from the OMG, I can't believe you didn't already have this! department.

One of the most requested features on Errorception has been support for multiple users. Today I rolled out a build to add just this.

The reason it took so long, among others, was that I was finding it hard to distill the feature down to the least required, but no lesser. I think the current implementation does a good job of this.

Once logged in, simply navigate to Settings > User Accounts to manage who has access to your project. You simply have to provide the email address of the person you want to invite, and you are done. It's really that simple!

Invited people will get an email telling them about the invitation. If they were already users of Errorception, they don't need to do a thing. The mail is just a notification. It can't get simpler. If they didn't already have an account, they have to go through the simplest signup process possible — they have to pick a password. That's it! That's the signup process!

<aside>The real reason for not pushing out a user-facing build in the last month or so was that I've been hard at work dealing with the scale that Errorception is growing at. It's amazing. I wouldn't in my wildest dreams have guessed that Errorception would be this successful, and hadn't engineered for those kind of scales. Over the last month or so, I've been rewriting the very guts of Errorception to cope with the surge of traffic. It's like changing the parts of a car while it's running. At 200 mph. But that's done now, and the code-base is managagable once again. Today's release is the first in a series of pending feature releases.</aside>


  1. Thanks Errorception,

    This is great and love seeing updates to one of my new favorite services.

  2. Thanks Jim. That's quite an honor!