Tuesday 2 July 2013

IE's i18n Strings for Error Messages

After the release last week, there have been some requests to both Raj and me to have access to the raw data used for powering the IE i18n de-duplication, from several people, including from some of my competitors.

After a little bit of email back-and-forth with Raj, and ensuring that we were both ok with making this data available publicly, I'm glad to to have just pushed all the raw data to GitHub. Go ahead, give it a look!

What? You are giving data to your competitors?

Well, firstly, it isn't my data at all. It wasn't even extracted by me. Secondly, this isn't the kind of stuff I want to compete on. Data like this should ideally belong to everyone, so that the entire community benefits from it. This data being locked into any one service is doing disservice to the community at large. In fact, when I started this conversation with Raj, my original intention was to get MicroSoft to publish these resource files publicly so that everyone could benefit from it.



  1. Very good! thank you Rakesh.

    I did notice at some point that Firefox also has localized exceptions, ever encountered this?

    1. Oh. I've never encountered such a thing. In fact, I've looked through their source, and haven't found any localization strings. I could have missed it though. Do you have an example of a localized error message I can look at?